Recently our family adopted an adorable kitty named Reid.


Reid – 4.25.15

We had been contemplating a pet for sometime, and while most of us thought we were “dog people”, we didn’t feel that our lifestyle and living space was really conducive to having a healthy and happy canine.

On that fateful day, Saturday April 25th, I took my children on a bike ride to the Humane Society to see the animals.  We like to do this once a month, just to pet some animals and get out of the house.  My 3 children walked into the kitten room (cats under 1 year).  All three felines were very good looking and friendly, but Reid started purring instantly and sat with each of my children in turn.  He had a different look to him and I loved him almost immediately.  After some texting with my husband, he agreed to come see the cat.  Reid nuzzled into my husband’s beard and started to purr……it was all over.  Paperwork signed and paid.  We were cat owners.

This last week has been pretty awesome!  Reid is excited to see each of us when we come home, I am especially grateful on nights I work late. He sits in our laps.  He plays with our daughter.  He races me up and down stairs.  And he purrs next to me at night.  We are all in love.

We know that Reid came to the humane society as a stray kitten.  He has a chipped canine tooth from a hard life of the streets, but apparently that didn’t get him down.  He has been so happy since we met him and I hope he can tell how happy he makes each of us.  His purrrpose in life was to be ours, and his purring will have great lasting effects of health on our family.

I feel blessed to have a fur baby!



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