Philanthropist Heart

People wonder why I stay so busy with organizations, let me give some reasons:

1. To give; to give back to my community, give to others in need, to give my time and attention to another  – now there is a fine line, I want to teach my children to be happy and generous givers and if you can’t give money…give time.  At the same time, I need to make sure that my family is getting the time and attention they need, so this is the real balancing act of life!

2. To socialize and make connections – I am a social person, a bit more social than my husband.  I am energized by a combination of social time and alone time and as a mother social time is MUCH easier to get (especially when your friends also have kids!)  Also, we live in a world really based on relationships and connections – by putting myself out there I meet more amazing people, hear more stories and find areas I can be of help and get help from others.

3. I have anxiety and being busy and constantly planning things is part of who I am.  I helps keep me sane even if sometimes frustration comes in tow.  One day I think I would like to try just sitting on a beach or reading all day, but if I am not working toward something I get very restless, a little depressed and crabby.  

I have had great opportunities in life to give back; an adult reading program while I was in High School, Philanthropies during my college years with Delta Zeta, and more currently through Midwest Maidens Roller Derby, Brookings Girls Pint Out and the many other events I help with during a year.

Even if this type of service doesn’t come naturally to you, I challenge you to volunteer 1 hour to an organization this year.  You will learn from others and be greatly appreciated for the time you give.  And who knows, you could make a few more friends, business resources, or inspirations for your personal growth.

Keep dreaming, keep living, keep helping



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