Skating into my happy place

The only constant is change.   2.5 years ago….roller derby was a far fetched, non material daydream.   In November of 2012, this non material daydream became a real, breathing entity for me because of the help,great ambition and determination of some amazing women.

For 2 years, many of us ate, drank, wept, sweat, laughed and lived derby.  I loved every minute of it…even the occasional drama of working with other dominant and opinionated women 🙂  Derby was the best outlet to be me.  It gave me confidence in my body.  It gave me girlfriends.  It gave me a fun cardio workout.  It gave me an outlet for aggression that was safe (for the most part), it was all in good fun.  It gave me a place to belong in a way I had never felt before.

I am so proud of the team!  After last Octobers bout, I have had some life issues, personal issues, work issues, knee issues that have kept me away…..only skating a handful of times over the last 6 months…..but absence makes the heart grow fonder and for this it has!

Last night, after a long cold winter, I strapped on my gear and laced up my skates for a nice outdoor skate at the Dakota Nature Park.  I was worried about being out of shape or my knee hurting too much.  But it was WONDERFUL!  I got to hangout and skate with my girlfriends and I couldn’t have been happier 🙂   I am ready to get back, even if I can’t hit for awhile, even if I might not ever bout again….I am going to skate!


A little 4 mile skate to get the heart in the right place. 4.27.15

To check out our awesome league, click the link below:

Derby Love,





One thought on “Skating into my happy place

  1. Hi Cakez ☺ I am at the opposite end of the spectrum but still in the same place, Derby is not able to be a top priority right now but I will work my way up to it. I cannot give up what I KNOW I already love. So I practice when I can, getting comfortable enough to perhaps join you on a nature park skate before the next winter rolls around!

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