I love online quizzes, they make me giggle

I took this quiz recently, mainly because I was bored, had a few minutes and thought it would be fun.  I found this exercise humorous and fun, and gave me a few areas to think about.


Feel free to click the link and take your own test….but do so now so there aren’t any spoilers for you!!

(HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS FROM THE QUIZ) – do one at a time, no skipping or looking ahead.  I have put my initial answers in Italics after each question.

1. You are peering into the sea, what do you feel? Focus only on your first impression. You can close your eyes to better feel it…

Peace, awe, relaxed

2. You are walking through the woods and look at the ground. Write down what you feel.

refreshed, inspired

3. What do you feel when looking at flying seagulls? It’s all right if in this case you make up with a quick response.


4. What about a herd of horses? Write the first thing that comes to mind, avoid thinking for too much time.


5. You are in the desert, standing by the wall with a small hole, behind which you see the oasis. What are your actions? Don’t write just your thoughts and feelings, but focus on what you would do in this situation.

try to knock a larger whole in the wall, yell, climb

6. You are still in the desert, completely exhausted, and suddenly see a water jug. Once again, your actions are what matters in this question. Your answer may sound banal, but still write it down.

Take a sip, rest, keep working on the wall, see if the jug can help boost me over the wall

7. You are lost in the woods in the evening and see a house with lights on. Write what you’re gonna do.

walk slowly, peak in windows, look for exits just in case, possibly grab/make a weapon

8. You’re in the fog. Once more, focus on actions and write down how you would behave.

slow and with caution

Now for how these relate and my reactions (again in Italics)

1. Your attitude to life, emotions, sensations.

I feel like these are 1 for 1.  Life = Peace , Emotions = Awe, Sensations = relaxed

I currently do feel fairly at peace with life in general, I am always in awe of my emotions and enjoy writing to get them out and sensations (hugs, kisses, cuddles, etc.) do help me relax.

2. The way you feel in your own family.

Refreshed….hmm, I guess yes.  Though I feel physically drained, my spirit is refreshed after family time.  And my children are an inspiration.

3. Your attitude towards women.

This is shocking and inaccurate for me.  I consider myself a feminist and want what is best for woman kind.  After my post about the wonderful and inspiring women in my life, this was a slap in the face.   I just think seagulls are not super great birds, the end.

4. Your attitude to men.

Ummm, also a shocker.  I have seen a group of wild horse in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is an awe inspiring and majestic sight.  I remember feeling pride for the group, the last wild horses of North Dakota, for making it so far.    This is again inaccurate for me, I was relating to a memory.

5. Your basic life strategy and goal. The way you solve your problems.

Well, I guess I do try to take things by storm and force sometimes.  I work for my goals.  I kind of likes this one, it made me smile.

6. How selective you are in sexual life. Choice of a partner.

I am taking this as Choice of a Partner….not my sex life. This is what being a partner is- take a little from each other, boost the other toward their goals, work together even if separate.  I liked this analogy.

7. Your readiness for marriage.

Reading my answer in thoughts of marriage literally made me shoot water out my nose.I can’t wait to talk to my husband about this one and see what he thinks.  Gosh, I hope I am not that bad….I sound like a horror movie of a wife.

8. Your attitude to death.

I found this fitting.  I don’t want to go early so slow and with caution…LOL  What does that say for my wild and adventurous side.  I must way my risks without thinking about it too hard.

I hope you had fun with my answers.



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