Blessings & Bucket Lists

I have so many amazing female friends and I count my blessings everyday to have them.  There was a time in my life that I didn’t have many, in fact I have rarely had MANY.  I have had a few close friends over different periods of my life, some have moved on, some are more like acquaintances now, some allow us to pick up right where we left off when we get to see each other, and one has even unfortunately passed on, and she took so many secrets of my soul with her.

Reasons, Seasons & Lifetimes; we have all heard it.  I believe it.  I also believe in giving your best to each one.  I have been seriously burned by some “reason” friends and I have learned great lessons about myself.  I have been comforted, encouraged, and energized by many “season” friends; and many of these stay in my life as ongoing inspiration.  And then there are my “lifetime” friends; the ones I know I could show up on their door step at 3 am in a life crisis and they would wipe the sleep from their eyes and do whatever they could to help (let’s hope this never happens) and I would do the same for them.

Back to my point….I was given a book by a wonderful female inspiration a year ago.  The title is Love Does by Bob Goff.  Inside she wrote, ” I believe you can do anything! Think big because good things are coming…”  This was at one of those WTH?! moments in my life, but with those words I was encouraged to get healthier, to start living my passions (cooking and photography) and planning for my next big adventure.  And you know what, I did it all…even if the cooking (blog is posted in PREVIOUS BLOGS section) came to a halt when I had to take a day job and work to pay bills again.

Recently, I picked up this book again, as I had only read half previously and a certain story hit me and my eyes teared up instantly. It was the story, Ten-Year-Old Adventures.  Now, another wonderful woman in my life told me once that when God touches or squeezes your heart, the tears will flow and you need to listen.

In a nutshell it said, have faith and take the step.  God has invited you on the adventure of your life.  Find your passion and move, you will be shaped by the happenings along the way.  Now why would this affect me so?  Because I am not fully living my passions, I took a step back from some things I loved last fall and have recently realized how much I miss them, how much my passion is in planning events, travel and adventure.

So, I am back to making goals…not just for me but for my family.  The point of the story was that Bob invited his children on 10 year old adventures, anything they could imagine on their 10th birthday….and they were amazing.  I might never have the money for this, but I am going to work to give my children 15 year old adventures, to do one amazing trip with each at the age of 15 before I lose them to later teen years and college or their life’s passions.  I want to show them my passions as they grow, expose them to everything I can and find those teachable moments to inspire them.

We are starting with Summer Bucket Lists.  My husband and I wrote a bucket list over our anniversary dinner last month.  We made a list of Summer Family or Just Us activities and a list for items we want to accomplish around the house & yard.   And now I am giving each of my children a list for 5 activities and we are going to work to make each happen!

I am so thankful for having my heart squeezed and a good cry when I need it and I am so thankful for the strong, intelligent, caring and amazing women in my life!


summer bucket list

Bucket List for my kids


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