Laying Down My Pride

Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins because it can harm you, your soul.

To much Pride can drive others away or not allow them to see who you are inside.

I didn’t think that I suffered from Pride.  At times I have felt victimized and kept up walls and people at an arms distance or further.  I was independent and was happy (proud) to do it on my own, with out the trouble or being a trouble to another.  I almost wholeheartedly refused to stoop so low as to ask someone for help.  *scoff*  I could figure it out my darn self.

Well, life happens.  In many low situations others have offered help, and rarely have I taken it.  But as I’ve grown, I realized how much I enjoyed the act of giving to others (sometimes to a fault).   And in looking at my past, I realized that yes….I have suffered from PRIDE.  I was too proud to ask for help, to proud to be like “him” or “her, to proud to admit to wrongs or ask for forgiveness.   I cared so much about how others perceived me, or the way I thought they perceived me and I didn’t want to tarnish a reputation or show weakness.  This too has changed, I know who I am and I believe most who know me see the kindness and love in my heart even when I make mistakes, even when I am my weakest.

I am not better than any other human.  I have done my best, what I thought was best at each minute…..oh and let me tell you there have been many wrong decisions, detours, mountains, hurdles, heartaches….but there have been just as many successes, joys, blessings, learning experiences, adventures.

Recently, it was brought to my husband’s attention that his army brigade, the 172nd Stryker Combat Brigade, would be holding a 10 year reunion and memorial in Fairbanks, Alaska.    He has told me about his time stationed in Fairbanks with great pride and a few laughs.  He has spoken so highly of the men we went to Iraq with and especially those that gave their lives!   The news of the reunion shocked him a bit and brought up a lot of emotions for him that I can’t explain here since they are not my own.   All I knew was that this meant something to him, whether he could discuss it clearly with me or not.

I sat on a few ideas for trying to get him there, I worried about what he would think.  I worried about what others would think.  And then I thought…..people ask for help everyday, why shouldn’t I, for something that is important to my heart? Something that is important to my husbands heart!

I made a GoFundMe account and got started.

I don’t know if we will  be able to make the trip, but I know people are reading about  it. I am putting it into the universe.  I know someone is praying for us…. I am.   I had to learn the lesson of pride again and put it down.  No one can help me if I don’t tell them what I need or ask for a little help.   And I know those who can will and they will know how much we appreciate it.  If we can’t make the trip, the funds will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of those from the brigade.

So….here is to letting go of my Pride and asking for help.  The link is above if you are called to help.  Prayer and words of encouragement are also welcome!

Thanks for listening.



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