Let’s FIX it!

Here is where you can go back and read my 2014 healthy lifestyle blog:


I started Jan. 1, 2014 at 257 lbs.   I cut my calories in the first few months of the year and dropped another 10 lbs.  So I began the Isagenix 30 day journey last April 2nd at 245.  Isagenix is a great and tasty product, a little spendy like all these types of products are.  I had great results, losing 15.5 lbs and 28.25 inches in 30 days.   I continued using Isagenix, I hit 216 at my lowest and sorta plateaued off at 225-227.  Now during this time, I was doing roller derby, biking and cutting back on my beer intake as well.  I had my 2 shakes a day, a few small snacks and a under 600 calorie supper.

My goal was to get to 215 lbs and a size 14.  I now own 2 pairs of size 14 jeans….I was very happy with the results.   After a few months of no new progress, I got a gym membership.  I upped my calorie intake for the circuit training I would be doing.  I tried the Advocare 24 day challenge with really no results.

I was happy working out and especially eating real food again!  I have 3 kids, they want to eat what I eat and I want to eat with my family…..shakes were great, but not a long term solution for me.  As I ate food, I gained weight (and muscle).  In 3 months I had increased my lean muscle by 25%  So, even though I was gaining, I was still fitting my clothes.

However…..life changed, I had to get a second job.  This caused me to be sloppy in my lifestyle choices.  I drank more beer.  The holidays came and went.  I woke up in March from some depression and realized I was back to the weight I started with in Jan.2014 and I WAS PISSED!  My size 14 jeans are in the closet.  My size 16s are feeling tight.  I have to fix this!

So today I start the 21 Day Fix……I am hoping that this will work as it combines my shake for breakfast routine with portioning almost all the foods I already eat and enjoy, along with daily 30 minute work outs.  I am not drinking alcohol for the first 21 days and the final results will be on Mother’s Day….if I feel successful, I guess I can have a beer 🙂

Here is a recap of my 2014 stats, my stats of today and what I gained in a year:

Fix Start

My goal now is to get back down to the 220-225 range by July 4th.  I know I can do it if I stay diligent.

Here are some of the 21 day fix guidelines, you get so many containers of each based on your starting weight….GOOGLE it if you are interested 🙂

21day fix

This weekend I researched a bit.  Based on my weight I should be intaking 2300 calories based on this plan which is quite a few of each container, however I try to keep myself at 1600 on a regular basis so I am going to start there and listen to my body if I need more and if I do, I will add veggies and proteins.  Here is my first weeks menu plan, color coded:

Meal Plan

Or if you want to look at it by container, here is day 1:

By Container

Here is to working hard to #getthosegoals every darn day!


Left: My heaviest in Fall 2012 Right: My thinnest last summer 2014 Black Hills Caverns

21 Day fix weigh in

Ate my first Kiwi with the skin on….more fiber 🙂



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