Green Thumbs Apply Within

Gardening:  I love the idea of it.  I love the veggies and flowers.  I hate the weeding, watering, cultivating and the WORK of it.

My parents are avid gardeners, like 8 acres of gardens.  They love it, the work.  My Mother always has the best tan and beautiful flower beds.  My step-dad grows some of the best veggies for miles and I am spoiled to share in the harvest.

When we bought our home, the gardens were well maintained from years of love.  In 2 years, I have not been as diligent.  I love our rhubarb patch and I make many “crisps” during the season.  I love our lavender bush, day lillies, iris, tulips, hydrangeas, hostas, babys breath and clematis.

Every year I grow some herbs, a few small tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic…..mostly, if I can make one good batch of homemade salsa I feel successful 🙂

I do not have the green thumb that my parents have, nor do I feel like i have the time to truly have the garden of my dreams.  This week, however, I am trying something new.  I planted HOPS, yes the kind you use to make beer.

I saw hops fields in California last fall and I loved them.  The vines and trellises full of green hops. The scent was awesome.   So, what the heck.  I reached out to a local brewer who had some shoots ready to plant and I planted them.  I put some in the back of my garden and also some along our home.  I hope they grow well so I can design fun trellis apparatus for it.

The back garden I hope will one day resemble this:

hops tunnel

I have always wanted a whimsical, fairy homeland of a garden and I am in hopes that hops will do the trick.



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