Sometimes Others Know Best

Have you ever been in a situation, one you absolutely couldn’t do anything about?  You were about to blow a gasket, and you are trying oh so hard to keep the lid on.  You know you have to change your attitude to get through, but you can’t seem to fight the grasp the negative has on you.  At these times I have found others have come to my rescue, knowing more of what I needed than I did in the moment.

This actually occurred for me again about a month ago.  I was working at my 2nd job.  Now I am working 2 jobs because financially I need to in order to help keep our family afloat at the moment.  It has been a trying and yet very freeing year.  I work in an office during the day, 8-5.  I also work a few nights a week at a beer establishment.  I truly enjoy both jobs, which is a blessing.   This last month was spring break, so with a lack of staff I ended up scheduled for a closing shift on a Thursday.   Now, I am used to working 8-5 in the office and working 5-10 in the pub a few nights a week.  It isn’t always convenient, but it isn’t horrible, but having to close the pub from anywhere between midnight and 2 a.m. and then clean and have to be in the office…….DEAR LORD HELP ME!

The night was fine, busy but good.  At 10, I let my co-worker go and it got busier.  No big deal, that means good tips, right?  Regardless, my co-worker hung out and talked to friends the rest of the night.  He picked up glasses from tables for me, washed them, and cleaned up after a guy who dropped his full glass of beer on the floor….and the whole time he smiled.   When finally, the pub cleared out around 1:00, I expected him to go….but he didn’t.  He helped me clean right up to the very end.  What would have taken me almost 2 hours to finish was done in an hour.  Not only was it done, but he brought joy and companionship.  We talked as we worked, he lightened my load….my burden, my worry that I wouldn’t be able to function the next day.

When we were finished, I tried to give him some of my tip money as a sign of thanks.  He smiled, hugged me and said not to insult his kindness.  When he left, I was just floored.  I actually cried and thanked God on the spot.  My co-worker, my friend, without my asking or expecting anything of him, helped me in a time I truly needed it.  I had been blessed.

Later I texted him to again say thank you and how much I appreciated him.  This was his response, and for a 22 year old I found it quite profound, “No need to thank me.  It flows both ways. Value, whether that be time, sweat, or anything else, is best measured in the joy it brings you because in the end that’s about the only thing you get to keep.”

I am inspired to help others more because of him. Go forth and do good for another.  Pay it forward every chance you get!



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