Food Temptations

Temptations are everywhere and I feel it most when I am trying to lose weight.

Recently I have been praying for help with my weightloss and getting away from my food and beverage temptations.

The other day,Jimmy John’s brought small sample subs for our office.  They set up a little display in our lunch room with menus.  I saw all the piles of little sandwiches.  I glanced quickly at the menu; 1. Ham, 4. Turkey, 6. BLT.  I was so excited, I grabbed that #6 quick and a menu and went back to my desk.  I opened the wrapper, already salivating for bacony goodness.   I took one bite and….what the heck!?  I opened the sandwich, no bacon….just veggies and cheese.  I read the menu again; 6. Veggie.  How could I miss read that?  I believe this was GOD leading me away from temptation in his own true way 🙂  All I could do was laugh at myself and enjoy a Veggie sandwich, which was actually the first I had ever had.




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