My life is a musical

NO literally! I sing to myself about my life, no really, I do!   I have a few friends who can attest, as after a few adult beverages in NOLA last year, everyone I passed got to hear the soundtrack of my life as I lived it and sang it.  Some poor soul on the trolley to the Garden District really got an ear full if I recall correctly.  I also recall thanking him for his service, in which he replied ” I’m not in the military”…and I stated something along the lines of “No, but I see you work for the city and in fact are helping everyone, so thank you!”

Fact of the matter is, it happens.  It is like, RENT meets Les Miserables meets The Last 5 Years…and to be honest sometimes I wish I would record myself, because I will never write down the almost perfect phrasing I use when I am singing it to myself.   I sing about my anxieties and worries, my love for another, my frustrations or even about the person not using their blinker in front of me 🙂   Music feeds my soul and since my radio went out in my car over a year ago, I have found myself singing a lot more.

My life is a musical, the crescendos and decrescendos, the staccatos and legatos.  Sometimes it is more Opera and other times it is more Hard Rock, but I love living every note.

Let your light shine and your voice be heard….no matter how strange you think it might be!



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