I committed to 30 days of biking in April…..today is day 13.

I have only missed one day thus far as it was cold, rainy and I worked a double shift.  I should have just put my butt on the seat and rode around the block…oh well.

This commitment is actually reminding me of commitments that I have let fall to the wayside.  Last year I stopped drinking for 30 days, then I ate healthy for 30 days and that turned into a few months and I dropped 47 lbs and over 60 inches total……but I backslid, I got lazy, I let all my joy for my accomplishment become a small thing among stresses that were smaller than I made them and used that as an excuse to get off track, allow myself to drink more, etc. etc. etc.

Now is the time to have the things I want in life.  To believe once again in myself, to pray when I am stuck and keep moving toward the goals.

Today I am taking that step out again to make changes in my life for a healthier and happier me 🙂




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