Your Title makes NO sense!

Here is the beginning, I am attempting to write a book and need an avenue to get my many adventures, heartaches and gratitude out for better sorting later.   As I started working on my book draft a friend said I should write a book about “Earthquakes to cupcakes” – how I have overcome into my current haven of happiness.   I thought this was a great idea, and I may actually use it as a chapter in the future book…..but this is also how I got the title for my blog: Earthcakes and Cupquakes, because Lord knows everything you want in life doesn’t seem to come in the order you thought it would 🙂  And if you can’t find the humor in the silver lining, you can miss a lot of joy.

So, here is to getting out my thoughts, my wisdom, my adventures, the foods I love, the beers I try, stories about my wonderfully crazy children, husband and family.  Here’s to heart and loving myself and the things that bring me joy.



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